B-BBEE Compliance

B-BBEE Compliance


OUR REPUTATION as the leading independent B-BBEE compliance consulting firm in South Africa is something we are proud of.

B-BBEE Verification Due Diligence

This is a significant part of our business. The Advance Corporate Advisors team has built a reputation for assisting our clients develop transformation solutions which translate into outstanding B-BBEE certificates, without compromising the integrity of the regulatory framework.
We also interface with verification agencies, representing our clients to obtain their scorecard on an annual basis, or on a once-off basis, in order to resolve differences of interpretation or sample collation.  We offer end-to-end B-BBEE Codes support, including representation on transformation committees, monthly, quarterly and annual support, and transformation motivation support, ensuring that transformation is driven throughout an organization.

Transformation Strategy Development and Scenario Planning

This is the core of the work that Advance Corporate Advisors offers. We offer integrated, seamless and compliant transformation solutions, which integrate seamlessly into the organisational structure of the company and group.

Scenario planning and context briefings for all aspects of sustainability compliance and transformation, both in the form of presentations and workshops, and written reports are offered. We are available to work with the board of directors, the EXCO and other committees, including the social and ethics committee and the transformation committee. Once the high level strategy is defined at those levels, we then work closely with the various operational teams, including human capital and supply chain, for example, to develop and build a comprehensive, practical and compliant strategy which addresses the transformational nature of the delegated directive.

Ownership Advisory and BEE Partner Selection

Many of our clients rely on us to form a part of any transaction advisory team in relation to any M&A activity in conjunction with legal and financial advisers, in order to ensure that any B-BBEE ownership transaction is sustainable, and compliant with the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

We also offer ownership advisory services in relation to the establishment of bid compliant Joint Ventures or consortia to participate in tenders and concessions, where the ownership requirements are highly prescriptive, and unique to that bid.

Broad-Based Ownership Scheme and Trust Management Services

Advance Corporate Advisors specialises in the management of community trusts and other broad-based ownership structures on an outsourced basis, utilizing “best practice” and corporate governance guidelines.
This service includes appointment of trustees that ensure compliance with the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, both current and amended.  The advisory team offers a turnkey solution to scheme management, including identifying potential beneficiaries, screening them and managing processes and opportunities to incur effective spend in relevant communities.  This is all done, ensuring the highest possible corporate governance standards.  As many of our clients are global multinationals.  We are always mindful of FCPA legislation.

Professional Integrity Due Diligence Reports

There are many different aspects to due diligence reporting, which are partly addressed by many different service providers.
However, Advance Corporate Advisors has access to a number of detailed, global databases, and is able to generate one, comprehensive report for clients which sets out a financial profile, credit, personal business history, employment, political and other profiles, including social media profiles.

Find out who you are employing, and who you are doing business with.  This report is critical in BEE partner selection, supplier development programs, top management employment programs, franchise evaluation processes and tender evaluations.


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